"Your Safety Is Our Primary Concern"

 is a security resource affiliate of the: 
Our templatized system makes it cost-effective for any facility to meet its responsibility and reduce its risk-liability by informing  the public of its evacuation procedure before every live event.

We work directly with Facility Operations and Security Personnel to review the facility diagrams and approved evacuation plan.  From the plan we write clear, concise and effective voice-over scripts for videos to be played at all regular events and also versions for use in case of actual evacuation situations.

We'll ask for your Seating Charts and AutoCAD files (if available) and then work with your Facility Production Personnel to direct strategic digital still photography of the facility and evacuation routes.  We provide clear and easy to follow directions and examples of the photos we'll need for you to take.

We do the rest.  Our award-winning animators create easy to understand videos for employees and patrons to know exactly what to do in case of emergency evacuation.  

We share and exchange production assets with clients via secure Dropbox or FTP.  We post timely review and final approval versions of the work on the FTP and upon  approval, we deliver final HD product utilizing Drop Box FTP and on Blu-Ray disc, if desired.  Production turnaround time is 3 to 5 weeks depending on complexity and number of variatons and configurations.

We customize 3-D animated opens for each home team that uses your facility or for special events.

Our Evacuation, Shelter-In-Place, Active-Threat  and Traffic Control Videos are also available in Spanish and with closed captioning in both English and Spanish languages.

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